We’re two brothers, Federico and Fillippo Barazzoni, who were born and grew up in Bibbiano (Reggio Emilia), where our family settled in 1500, coming from the small mountain village of Barazzone in the municipality of Casina (Reggio Emilia).
We founded our company in 2013, calling it Corniano, the name of the village in Bibbiano where our history began and lives on today, a past that is inextricably linked to Parmigiano Reggiano.
Since then, we’ve carried on our family’s dairy and bread-making tradition at our kitchens, in the very spot where everything began over ninety years ago.

Federico Barazzoni

Filippo Barazzoni


It was way back in 1926 when Cinzio Barazzoni used to produce cheese in Corniano, a small village at the foot of the hillside once ruled by Matilda of Canossa.
Our family’s history in making Parmigiano Reggiano started here, where Benedictine monks first created Formadio cheese, the forefather of Parmigiano Reggiano, nine centuries ago.

In the late 1940s, our grandfather Giuseppe Barazzoni joined his father as an apprentice and carried on the dairy tradition with passion and dedication.

Corniano, il caseificio di via San Rocco, seconda metà anni ‘20

In the 1950s, while continuing to help out at the dairy farm, our uncle and aunt Efrem and Imelde also opened the Barazzoni bakery in Bibbiano, and ran it for over forty years.

Bibbiano, il forno Barazzoni, anni ‘70

Bibbiano, il forno Barazzoni, anni ‘70

Our father Cinzio was also born in the 1950s and grew up in Corniano surrounded by the noise of milk canisters and butter churns.
We now combine our family’s dairy and bread-making experience, still in the exact same place, having spent our childhood with our grandparents from both sides, who were also master dairy farmers in our mountains.

We combined our love for Parmigiano Reggiano with our desire to make and innovate, blending together traditional principles with consumers’ current food needs.
This is why we created PARÈ, a crispy thin made with Parmigiano Reggiano aged for 24 months, handcrafted and baked in the oven.

This gave us the idea for “cheese-based bakery”, a line of products that we bake every day with the same hallmark passion and meticulous approach used in this region for the Parmigiano Reggiano production chain, staying true to our history, values and culture.

This is what we want to continue, drawing from the depth, flavour and organoleptic qualities which have made Parmigiano Reggiano the king of cheeses.

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